NOrthern california Renaissance Faire
This is where it all started.  Ray began participating in the Southern  California Renaissance Faire in 1976.  A place of cultural genesis, the Renaissance Faire became Ray’s home for over 30 years.  Until recent years, he could be found at both Southern and Northern Ren Faires pre and post build for months at a time.

The Northern Faire at Black Point Forest in Novato (north of San Francisco) has moved to a new location at Casa de Fruita between Gilroy and Los Banos on Hwy 152.  Beginning mid-September and lasting 5 weekends, the Northern Renaissance Faire is now owned by the venders who began with the fair decades ago.
Ray has been the owner of many booths at the faire including: Hats Adorned; Green Man Florals; Garlands; Javelins; Loggits; Axe and Knife Throw; to name a few.  He occasionally makes an appearance as guest artist with a booth displaying his various creations found here on the website.
Ray’s leather wear and other creations in his guest artist booth at Ren Faire
Ray’s main gate was originally made for a rose arbor entry to Trader’s Market
Christine Wiseman, an old friend from the Faire, painted this portrait of Ray.  Link to her website by clicking on her name.
Ray and Cathy enjoy another beautiful day at the 
Northern Ren Faire.