Ray Griswold has a gift for creating magic. In his long history with the California Renaissance Faires he is well known for his creations and his ability to help others inspire an authentic experience. He loves to encourage young people to believe that anything is possible. Ray's influences can also be discovered at other fanciful events such as the Oregon Country Fair, Harmony Festival, Faerieworlds and Burning Man (to name a few). His job is making interesting and fun things happen.
His temples, art car and lighting effects create an environment where people feel transformed. From peace, solitude and intimacy to light and movement, the multitude of emotional ranges that these environments create helps people move beyond their daily experience of who and where they are and leads them into a realm where they can become so much more.
When people don his leather wear, fantasy armor or paper faery wings, it brings out a part of their personality that lay hidden. These individuals stretch in their own self awareness and instinctively become more creative and alive. His leather designs displayed at Ren Faire have inspired other young artists to expand upon his foundation and create their own phenomenal leather creations.
Artist, Designer, Engineer
Ray's designs in copper and metal range from fire toys (fire wings and fans for fire dancers) to fire sculpture, candle holders and water fountains. These are yet another expression of his many talents that create environments that transform our reality.
Ray creates an experience where people can find their own magic that yearns to be freed.
The new Nautilus Art Car at Burning Man 2013