burning man
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Although Ray was traveling constantly, he had fallen into a rut.  It was his first Burning Man experience in 2003 that broke him free. Most of the art and structures in these web pages came to fruition since his “first burn.”  With these creations he is able to give back to the community that helped reawaken him.

Ray currently participates as part of the cafe crew for center camp, the heart of Burning Man. The canopy of  center camp is the world’s largest temporary tension structure.

His contributions to Burning Man can be found on the multiple pages of this website including his 7th Ray Temples, the 7th Ray Art Car and his pyramid and portal structures.  It is, however, not the “things” that Ray creates that are his sole contribution, it is his dedication, time and tools that help to make each year better than the last.
Ray’s Art Car transports passengers around the Playa
Ray’s temples at Deep Heaven
Cafe Village skyline with  Ray’s temple and pyramid
Portal at Center Camp 2010 is Ray’s main gate from Ren Faire

Days until the Man burns