Ray designed and built the 7th Ray Art Car to be a miniature of the larger temples.  The design constraints  for the trailer were that it needed to haul all Ray’s gear and structures, as well as the tow vehicle, in one load.  The original tow vehicle was an electric Gem car pulling the temple trailer that folds open to carry passengers across the Playa at Burning Man.  The new tow vehicle is hand crafted in a Nautilus design that holds 4-5 passengers in the mutant vehicle..
The original tow vehicle pulling the     7th Ray Art Car at Burning Man 2009
 art car
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The name “7th Ray” comes from two influences.  Ray is the “7th” generation of Ray Griswold in his family.  7th Ray also refers to an occult concept that appeared in several Eastern and Western religions dating back to the 6th century. The Seventh Ray frees our attention to  focus on those things which are more spiritual in nature, things which are immortal, things which are Truth. With this Truth, we can begin to create a life which has satisfying meaning; is abundant in all things; is full of Love and Joy; and a life which embraces the Divine within ourselves and others.
The  new Nautilus design mutant vehicle will be used as the tow vehicle of the 7th Ray Temple Art Car. The debut will be at Burning Man 2013.  Completely designed and hand crafted by Ray, it will eventually have functioning articulated tentacles.